American Legend

Being rebellious is all about showing that desire to resist authority, control and convention. It’s thumping V8s, burning rubber and rock music. It’s the ultimate expression of personal freedom in a world of endless rules and regulations. Those who enjoy classic muscle cars, love what they stand for and the way of life that era represents. It’s about styling, substance and attitude that only vehicles with a muscular persona and cool heritage can deliver. Join with us and STAY REBELLIOUS.

  • STYLING: Modern edge on classic designs, with a signature deep dish, smooth lip look.
  • FITMENT: Specific offsets and backspacing for that muscular stance on your American classic.
  • FINISH: Precision crafted finishes and unsurpassed quality that must be seen in-the-flesh to be appreciated.


CLASSIC MUSCLE SERIESAmerican car culture was born on the Saturday night cruise route, local drive-in, small town drag strips and dry lake beds across the country. With names like CRUISER, STREETER, SPRINTER and RACER, American Legend 1-piece cast wheels reflect this enduring legacy.

STREET ELITE & PRO-TOURING SERIESAll named after notable US military aircraft, our forged-billet STREET ELITE 2-piece and PRO-TOURING 3-piece wheels are 100-percent made in America with the same uncompromising engineering and pride of craftsmanship that goes into these fighting icons. Make a statement with American Legend DOMINATOR, FURY, THUNDERBOLT, COMMANDO, HORNET, INVADER, TALON, BLACKHAWK, HAVOC, PHANTOM, SPECTRE, STINGER, or SCORPION wheels.

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